Our Software Architecture and Design Services Group provides a one-stop shop of services for your organization.

Our seasoned Project Managers and Architects are available to meet with you to perform technology reviews and recommendations for your future projects. 

EnvisionSoft can assist you by providing a fully qualified team of developers for any of your projects.  If you have an existing team but wish to augment it with a few experts we are ready to assist.  EnvisionSoft's Managerial Services give you a single point of contact and responsibility for your project so that you will never feel out of the loop.

EnvisionSoft's Design Services Group is a well versed in Network Management System (NMS) solutions for telecommunications networks.  We've designed NMS solutions and Network Element Agents for Terrestrial, CATV, ATM, and SONET networks. We are experts at SNMP agent and Secure SNMP communications design. Our SNMP Toolkits and NMS Quick-Start Platform have helped many customers get up running with their design in a fraction of the time.  Contact us for more information on our toolkits and our library of applications and services.

Our Asterisk Development Group is well versed in this Open Source PBX solution and has used the technology in many different arenas such as Call Centers, Virtual Office Scenarios, Hospitality & Lodging Systems, SOHO (Small Office / Home Office) configurations, and distributed VOIP networks.  Let our experts assist you in your next Asterisk project.

Our engineers are skilled in one or more of the following areas:

  • Microsoft.NET Application Design
  • ASP.NET Web Application Design
  • J2EE Application and Business System Design
  • JBOSS Application Server Integration and Design
  • Asterisk Open Source PBX Application Design
  • TrixBox system design and integration
  • Linux Device Driver Design
  • Embedded System and Device Design using VxWorks / WindRiver
  • Digital Signage Optimization and Scheduling
  • Graphics Design
  • Video Production

For more information, please call our office: 678.482.5500 or email us at

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