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Maintenance/Housekeeping Solutions for Lodging/Hospitality
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TeleTicket offers a feature-rich and affordable maintenance and housekeeping solution for the Hospitality and Lodging marketplace.  TeleTicket assists you in these functional areas of your property:

Work Order Management
Preventive Maintenance Planning and Implementation
Point of Sale Services for Guest Rooms

Work Order Management helps you improve guest satisfaction through shorter response times to maintenance issues reported by your guests. Empower your staff to report, respond, and resolve issues quicker through the use of TeleTicket's Work Order Management Interface. Use our reports and user interfaces to monitor the activities of your maintenance staff.

Preventive Maintenance support helps your limited maintenance staff keep track of periodic tasks that need to be performed.  Through the TeleTicket user interface you can develop your schedule of future tasks (recurring or non-recurring) that need to be performed.  The scheduler automatically keeps track these items and will create new work orders according to your schedule.

Our Point of Sale interface provides a simple, quick, and reliable method of reporting usage of guest room consumables. The user interface and reports enable you to view usage, audit trails, and other transaction details.

TeleTicket's interfaces for data input, reporting, and tracking are:

Std Feature Server and Client User Interface (JAVA Application) providing access to all features, reports, and settings.
Std Feature Web Interface - Our ASP-based Web content provides access to all features and reports.  System settings are only accessible from the server and client interfaces.
Std Feature Touch-tone input - Our TAPI-based server software monitors multiple modem ports for digit sequences input through guest and administrative telephones. These digit sequences can create, modify, and resolve work orders. Sequences can also be used to identify Point of Sale usage in guest rooms by identifying the product and quantity consumed. 
Std Feature Paging and Email Services - TeleTicket can be programmed to automatically page and/or email your personnel upon the creation or assignment of work orders to their personnel id.  If your staff is equipped with email capable phones, let them receive timely notifications of new problems as they are reported.
Optional Feature Interactive Voice Response (IVR) - Our IVR addition provides voice prompts for all of the Touch-tone input features described above. Voice prompting assists with data input and aids in multi-language barriers.
Optional Feature Wireless Web Interface - This interface allows your staff to stay on top of requests through the use of wireless web browsers such as Pocket PCs, Wireless Palm Pilots, and cell phones.

Reports Available to User Interface and Web Users

TeleTicket's reporting interface utilizes Crystal Reports Reporting Templates for quick and customizable reporting. Our database is open as well so if you are a Microsoft Excel or Access user you have an unlimited reporting capability at your fingertips. Standard reports provided with TeleTicket are:

Work Order Summary List and Details - Print by priority, status, assigned personnel, and date ranges. 
Work Order Auto-print - Enable automatic printing for any (or all) work orders to a specific (or common) network printer based upon the work order item. Example of uses: Send valet requests to the valet stand's printer, send housekeeping issues to housekeeping's printer, and send maintenance issues to your maintenance supervisor's desk.  
Recurring Task Report - Print a copy of your scheduled tasks based upon date range. 
Point of Sale Reports - Print by station, item, date range, and PMS posting status. Print daily summary of POS transactions and Un-posted items. 
Inventory Reports - Print inventory usage for work order items. Inventory SKU numbers are associated with work order items for consumables such as light bulbs, batteries, etc. 

Documents Available Online

Download our TeleTicket Spec Sheet   -  TeleTicket_specs.pdf (495 kb)
Download our TeleTicket Highlights   -  TeleTicket_highlights.pdf (347 kb)

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