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Call Accounting for Lodging / Hospitality and Business
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TeleProfitģ is a flexible, easy-to-use call accounting system designed to work with your current PBX and PMS. This feature-rich, but exceptionally affordable, software package provides an unlimited number of pricing tiers for guest and admin lines and also includes nine VIP billing levels. TeleProfitís call-type-oriented call pricing allows you to choose flat rate, distance sensitive (V&H), or bubble pricing for each type of call.

TeleProfitís incoming call tracking allows you to support your marketing programs for inbound call centers. TeleProfit allows you to generate incoming traffic reports based upon terminating station, originating geographic region, originating state/country, terminating trunk number, and terminating trunk group.

Our Trunk Management capabilities allow you to specify trunk and trunk group configurations that are used when reviewing call traffic costs, facilities costs, and overall profitability. 

In addition to a full complement of standard reports, our database is completely accessible to you. Use products such as Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Query, Crystal Reports, and others to generate your own custom reports without having to first export the data from your call accounting system.

Unlimited call storage, automatic report scheduler, and both single and multi-property configurations combine to give you a price/performance package that can't be beat!

TeleProfit is THE flexible call accounting package on the market today with price/performance that canít be beat!

TeleProfit is also sold under the name CALL@Vantageģ by Hitachi and Hitachi Authorized Distributors.

Advanced Features Included With TeleProfit's Standard License

WEB Server Component - Allow anyone with a Web Browser on your network to access reports and station data (VIP & DID). Usage requires user authentication and feature permissions.
VIP Guest Management - Support up to 9 levels of VIP guests. Monitor VIP special pricing promotions and expenses through our reports and fields in the database.
Two-way PMS interface for Check-in / Check-out monitoring
Alarm Notifications - (PMS, PBX, E911, System) sent to pager and Email
Software updates and V&H updates for the first year - included in purchase price.  Optional additional years at a nominal price.


Optional Features Add Value and Save You $$$

Client - Networked Multi-Desktop Option - Use this option to have multiple administrative stations on your network. Remember, the WEB component is included and and allows your users to use a WEB Browser to access reports and station options such as VIP status and DID number selections.
DID Server - Add this valuable option if you're property routinely uses DID numbers for extended stay guests and tenants.  Our two-way interface monitors PMS check-in and check-out messages and automatically assigns a new DID number to guest stations. DID Number auto-printing is included and will generate a printout (or note card) informing the guest of his/her telephone number for their stay. Use the WEB component to view / edit DID number settings as well.
Campus - Multi-property Server - Use our campus capabilities to network multiple properties to a centralized call accounting system.  The campus architecture handles multiple PBX to multiple PMS configurations. Single PBX to multiple PMS (property) and multiple PBX to single PMS (property) configurations are easily supported as well. Our centralized management allows your management company, chain, or holding company to control call pricing strategies and VIP promotions from a single location.  You can optionally allow each property to manage their own pricing as well.   

Documents Available Online

Download our TeleProfit Spec Sheet   -  TeleProfit_specs.pdf (583 kb)
Download our TeleProfit Highlights   -  TeleProfit_highlights.pdf (347 kb)
Download our Tenant Billing Data Sheet   -  TeleProfit_tenants.pdf (347 kb)
Download our Campus - Centralized Call Accounting Data Sheet   -  TeleProfit_centralizedSolutions.pdf (347 kb)

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