Telephone Services (PBX) and Call Centers for Lodging / Hospitality and Business

escTel is a flexible, easy-to-use PBX for Small Business (SOHO) and Hospitality & Lodging marketplace. Based on the Asterisk Open Source Platform, our robust offering gives you a feature rich and robust platform for a fraction of the cost of most PBX systems that provide the same services. Our value added features such as Find Me / Follow Me, Automated Attendant Screen Pops, distributed Call Center design, customizable voicemail, and DID services provide a large office impression to your clients.

Our hosted offering allows you to utilize VOIP services to connect telephones (and computers via VPN) together to build a virtual office for you and your employees. Allow our operators to function as your answering point and we'll act as your secretary / operator to screen and direct calls based upon your wishes.

For more information, please call our office: 678.482.5500 or email us at EnvisionSoft - the standard in SOHO offerings for the Atlanta metro area.

Call Accounting for Lodging / Hospitality and Business

TeleProfit is a flexible, easy-to-use call accounting system that works with your current PBX and PMS. This feature-rich but exceptionally affordable software package provides an unlimited number of pricing tiers including nine VIP billing levels. Choose flat rate, distance sensitive (V&H), or bubble pricing for each type of call. 

TeleProfit provides incoming call tracking to support your marketing programs. In addition to a full complement of standard reports, our database is completely accessible to you. Use products such as Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Query, Crystal Reports, and others to generate your own custom reports.

Unlimited call storage, automatic report scheduler, and both single and multi-property configurations combine to give you a price/performance package that can't be beat!

Our DID Number Server is a functional component of TeleProfit. If you have an extended stay or tenant-based environment and you want to automatically assign new DID numbers for your guests upon arrival, our DID Number Server is what you need.

For more information on TeleProfit, follow the link on the left margin.

Maintenance/Housekeeping Solutions for Lodging/Hospitality

TeleTicket offers a feature-rich and affordable maintenance and housekeeping solution for the Hospitality and Lodging marketplace.  Work Order Management, Preventive Maintenance Planning and Implementation, and Point of Sale Services for Guest Rooms are the main focus of this affordable product.

Improve guest satisfaction through shorter response times for maintenance, more effective complaint tracking, and a more pro-active approach to running your property. Our preventive maintenance applications allow you to schedule future tasks - recurring or non-recurring - and automatically generates work orders on the due date.  File attachments provide for quick access to schematics, instructions, and notes.

Our Point of Sale interface allows your water maids or mini-bar stockers to quickly notify the PMS to report usage of guest room consumables such as bottled water, soda, and food items. Our PMS interface has been designed to work with most PMS vendors.

For more information on TeleTicket, follow the link on the left margin.  

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